About Me
Originally from Lafayette, Colorado, I moved to Fort Collins in 2019 to study Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. From the moment I could hold a camera, there was one in my hands more often than not - one of my favorite childhood toys was a plastic pinhole camera. When my father bought a Canon XTi in 2006 (when I was just five years old), I used it more than he did! By the time I graduated high school, I had received multiple recognitions for my work, including the inaugural James Balog award. As an avid member of the CSU Photography Club, I love nothing more than attending a workshop or shooting for a contest with my fellow club members, but I have also been known to drive across state lines alone for a single picture. In February 2021, I began a position as a freelance photographer for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, which has allowed me to gain experience in a much wider variety of subjects.